Hoiva Dog is an interactive talking dog created together with Finnish artist Leena Illukka. Hoiva took part in art exhibition installation Kylässä, Visiting, held together with me, Leena Illukka and Tytti Korin in Gallery Katariina, Helsinki, in 2015.
The idea was to make an interactive artwork where people were able to take part of the content of the art. When someone touched Hoiva’s ear it read out a tweet that it was mentioned in. To gain some visibility in Twitter, and also to give some nature to the dog, Hoiva also tweeted sweet and silly tweets daily, wich it also read out loud for gallery visitors. In finnish Hoiva, the name of the dog, means care. The name was given to guide peoples thoughts about the content they should send.
I designed and developed Hoiva’s interactive addition. It was built with Raspberry Pi and coded with Python. Conductive thread in Hoiva's ear was used to carry the electric signal from human touch to a sensor.
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