Rosa’s Code is a Finnish game and online show to encourage children to code. The show is produced by Finland's national public service broadcasting company, Yle.
The story is about Rosa who has to save the world from evil Griefmaster who takes control of people through internet. To be able to defeat Griefmaster Rosa has to collect 50 pieces of code. To discover all the part of the story children has to take part of finding the pieces of code by accomplish coding tasks online as well as visit libraries and museums. The show has six main story episodes and 50 mini episodes.
Episodes are done in the style of a visual novel to embrace the game side of the show. Style is specially developed to fit story porpoises. Combining photos to digitally painted and 3D rendered backgrounds, and almost like glued on top visual effects. Together elements make the look playful, cartoony and not too serious. To lighten up quite serious story and make Rosa’s late evening adventures less scary. Style also had to be something that could be easily replicated in workshops in elementary schools. So that the elements and effects where easy to understand, reuse and share. 
Award: 2016 Koura Awards - Honorable Mention. Yle production for Youth and Children.
Roles: Creative, Art, Animation and Photo Director, Storyboard Writer, Cinematographer, Motion and Graphic Designer.

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