Making a Game - inkakamu

Six years ago I wrote a video game script during my 3D animation and visualisation bachelor’s degree studies. The script was for a short first-person adventure game. Since then I’ve been waiting for a good time to start to make it.

This year, I actually started developing my game. Doing project planning, blueprinting the plot and the code, writing my game design document, studying programming, creating concept art, building assets, searching general knowledge about game development process and also programming my game.

I have experience of working on large scale projects while working independently from home, which means managing my own workload, dealing with motivation issues and finding solutions at critical moments. But as this is my first time building a game, I’ll have many new lessons to learn.

My biggest learning curve will be in programming. I’m learning C# programming in Unity. It’s not my first programming experience, but definitely the biggest.

I’m strongly inspired by story driven, atmospherical, first-person games with a creative take on game design and unique gameplay experiences. Example of games I admire includes Virginia, Kona, The Beginner’s Guide, Myst, The Painscreek Killings and Firewatch.

In future I’ll be sharing project updates as well as links to tutorials, assets and other information I found useful for my work. I’ll be writing a blog post at least twice a month and you can get updates from my social media (Twitter, Instagram).